The business landscape has changed. Now more than ever, businesses are able to connect with clients and consumers across the world thanks to the power of technology. However, with that reach comes more sophisticated and damaging consequences - the rise of cyberattacks. As that potential liability rises everyday, a need for immediate protection exists.

With experience in regulatory compliance, breach response and day-to-day strategic training and advice, we are ready to arm businesses with the tools needed to combat cyber threats. And not just for items on the horizon now, but preparing for tomorrow's threats as well.

Our Role as Your Advocate

As a strategic business partner, Newmeyer Dillion focuses on transforming seemingly defensive actions into a competitive advantage. How? By showing companies that placing privacy and data security as a key business focus demonstrates to their customers:

  • You value their privacy rights.
  • You have a robust security framework to protect their information.
  • You are transparent with what you do with their private information, and why.
  • Their privacy is a part of your company's identity, which further enhances your reputation and helps outshine the competition.

Our team exists to ensure your company is protected from cyber threats, and in compliance with an evolving and challenging regulatory framework. We stand ready to cover the full gamut of challenges that a company faces in today's technologically-driven world, combining specialties in cyber coverage, compliance and litigation.

Privacy and data security is not a 'one size fits one' model, and we take this seriously by eliminating 'off the shelf forms' and instead, offering specific solutions just for you. By creating our own internal cyber ecosystem together with our clients and technology partners, we create programs from the ground up - built for your unique needs. By doing so, this breeds efficiency, lessens costs, and increases the speed by which your needs can be met.

As lawyers, our team collectively has expertise in:

  • Insurance (cyber breach and the full range of commercial coverages)
  • Cybersecurity as a corporate board concern across the enterprise
  • Representation of internet service providers and other tech enterprises in federal investigations requiring security clearances
  • Cyber breach defense in regulatory enforcement and class action claims
  • Cyber breach response management and legal counseling
  • Intellectual property and technology protection
  • Public and private company business litigation
  • Compliance with myriad of local, state and federal regulations, including the California Consumer Privacy Act

Our approach to cyber issues is not complex.  We do not seek to duplicate capabilities of IT and other enterprise departments.  Rather, we offer calm, practiced, and common sense advisories to cyber problems, whether there are significant cyber concerns that threaten the enterprise's business strategy, rapid reaction response planning or actual rapid response to cyber events.

We do seek to support enterprise teams and help fill gaps in knowledge and experience and offer our clients security in the knowledge that our own experience under pressure allows us to understand theirs.

Our Partnership with UCI's Cybersecurity Policy & Research Institute

Newmeyer Dillion is a founding member of the UCI Cybersecurity Policy & Research Institute and a leading member of the Legal Subcommittee for its Advisory Board.  We are proud to work with the University of California, Irvine and committed to serving our community by developing proactive legal, policy and technological strategies to combat cyber threats.