Can a law firm help propel your business?

The answer is a resounding yes … as long as your lawyers understand that every part of your business is connected — and every aspect of their advice must be too.

That, in a nutshell, is Newmeyer Dillion. We are complete business lawyers who understand all facets of your business and see the big picture. As our client, we counsel you holistically at every stage of your business and work side-by-side and hand in glove with you to:

Propel Your Vision

We help power your vision through creative corporate and real estate structures, acquisition strategies and the facilitation of beneficial business arrangements and alliances. We don’t hesitate to shake up old ways of thinking and working – or to seek changes in the law if that is what’s needed to achieve your vision.

Propel Your Culture

We help enhance your culture through state-of-the-art workplace policies, training, investigations and claims resolution techniques that facilitate, strengthen and sustain your chosen values and work environment. A workplace that brings out the best in your people brings out the best in your business.

Propel Your Operations

We help drive your operations and growth through forward thinking policies and advanced protocols, and the establishment and protection of your Cyber security, intellectual property and trade secrets.

Propel Your Bottom Line

We help you enhance your bottom line through risk avoidance, transfer, and management. This includes multi-line insurance policy placement and review; cutting edge warranties, indemnities, claims and damage limitations and ADR provisions, and the implementation of effective customer service, Cyber breach response, claims handling, litigation and trial plans and strategies. We know that it is not what you make, but what you keep that counts.

An essential ingredient to all of the above and to propelling your business is attorneys who genuinely care – and because we do, we invest our efforts fully in your success. We strive to be the kind of people you actually enjoy dealing with and the kind of law firm you’re proud to call a partner. Our business relationships become lifelong friendships and our friendships become lifelong business relationships.

From offices in Newport Beach, Walnut Creek, and Las Vegas, we help innovate clients and friends who are eager to propel their businesses to the next level.