Newmeyer Dillion Defends Brewery in Labor & Employment Suit Between Former Employee

Successfully defended a large regional brewery in a contentious discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination lawsuit brought by former employee.  We focused our strategy on prevailing at trial, and the quick result of that aggressive litigation approach lead to the Plaintiff dropping her case without any payment from client.  The end results was a complete walk away by plaintiff for a waiver of fees and costs, an extremely uncommon result in California today.

Successful defense of Interference with Economic Advantage and Violations of California Business & Professions Code

Achieved complete defense for international client facing a $20,000,000 claim regarding unfair business practices and business interference claims.  Through an aggressive litigation strategy, plaintiff recovered nothing and client was not forced to disclose sensitive company information.

Successful defense of home builder from allegations of claims for Violations of the Fair Housing Act and the Unruh Civil Rights Act

Obtained complete dismissal of all claims against a builder by plaintiffs alleging Violations of the Fair Housing Act (Federal and State) and the Unruh Civil Rights Act for Builder as well as claims for unfair business practices and negligence. Through a detail factual based litigation strategy, coupled with a keen understanding of the law all of the Plaintiff’s claims were dismissed by the Court, prior to trial and the client did not pay a anything to the plaintiffs.