Appeal Resolves Claim Against National Homebuilder Under Right to Repair Act

When a national residential homebuilder was sued by a group of homeowners, Nathan defended the appeal. This aspect of the litigation focused on certain plaintiffs’ failure to diligently prosecute their case, as required under California’s Right to Repair Act. The legal position and successful outcome resolved a significant legal issue for the homebuilder.

Right to Repair

Newmeyer Dillion has actively supported the building industry’s efforts to resolve homeowner claims through the Right to Repair law enacted by the California legislature.  As counsel for an amicus building industry association, Newmeyer Dillion has filed briefs in several matters to support and protect the right to repair, and participated in oral argument in the critical matter that resulted in an upholding of the builders’ position.

Complex Business and Bankruptcy Litigation

Second chaired and successfully litigated 11 U.S.C. § 523 claims on behalf of multiple, unsecured creditors in a three-day bench trial in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California.

Large Residential Home Builder

Newmeyer Dillion defended an appeal taken regarding certain plaintiffs’ failure to diligently prosecute their case, as they are required to do under California law.