At Newmeyer Dillion, we help clients of all sizes protect their biggest assets – their ideas—and fighting to get them back when someone misappropriates them. Together, we legally bring their ideas to life, and when needed, rigorously protect their rights. Consider us your idea advocates.

Our Intellectual Property (IP) practice focuses on maximizing your intellectual assets, protecting your market position for the future, and defending against the actions of others. Every year, our clients spend significant sums to advertise and market their intellectual property so the public can identify with their particular products and services. That’s why our dedicated attorneys help ensure that others do not infringe and exploit your intellectual property rights by ensuring your identity and protecting your intellectual assets; as well as facilitating the acquisition of those that provide an increased return — all of which starts with the creation of a strong partnership.

Our trademark practice helps guide individuals and businesses from creation of their asset portfolio to assisting in the enforcement of trademark protection rights. We are experienced in seeking both trademark and copyright registration necessary for business transactions and startup issues. Our team is savvy in counseling startups and established companies in over 20 industries. We also are experienced in licensing and intellectual property litigation and have protected our clients’ intellectual property rights in both state and federal courts, including prosecuting and defending IP related claims, as well as defending and obtaining preliminary injunctions.

Our attorneys also have significant experience with Insurance Law involving policies covering intellectual property disputes. Unlike many law firms who represent insurance companies thereby causing a potential conflict in the event of an insurance coverage dispute, Newmeyer Dillion has the ability to prosecute insurance coverage actions against insurance companies, on behalf of its clients that are policyholders and have been wrongfully denied insurance protection in IP disputes.

Our attorneys offer comprehensive expertise in a broad array of intellectual property matters:

  • Trade Secrets
  • Unfair Competition
  • Trademarks
  • Trade Dress
  • Copyrights
  • Protected Advertising
  • License Agreements