We understand it’s vital in the construction development process to stay on time and on budget. With over 35 years in the industry, our goal is to partner with our clients to ensure they can proceed with their projects by getting them under contract, with the best terms as quickly as possible.

Since we represent owners, general contractors, subcontractors and design professionals regarding every type of construction project, we have a culmination of experience understanding what is important to the party on the other side. We’ve applied this to our clients to quickly resolve any key issues consistent with their goals and interests.

Additionally, our clients have appreciated our approach to:

  • Efficient collaboration. We believe in direct communication with the decision makers and counsel in order to get to the bottom line without unnecessary delay or expense.  This often means setting up an in-person meeting with both sides to go through the contract, and in return, getting it completed quickly.
  • The myriad of contract forms. Whether we start with our own contract forms or modify industry forms such as the AIA, ConsensusDocs or AGC documents, our goal is to develop contracts that not only protect our clients’ interests, but also work with their unique internal procedures.
  • Leveraging internal resources. Our extensive construction litigation experience enables us to advise our clients on the contract terms that are likely to be critical in potential claims.  Further our specific knowledge of insurance law enables us to craft provisions that provide the necessary protections to the clients.

Experience/Representative Matters

Some of our recent matters include:

  • Negotiated an eight figure Owner – Contractor agreement for a developer in one day by having a meeting of principals and attorneys, instead of the endless exchange of draft agreements.
  • Negotiated construction contracts and lease agreements for residential developers with solar contractors in order to get our clients ready for the 2020 solar requirements.
  • We have created and negotiated contract forms including owner-contractor, consultant, subcontract and purchase orders for owners, developers, contractors and design professionals.  We update these forms regularly as statutes, case law or client procedures change.
  • Drafted and negotiated home improvement contracts for remodeling contractors to ensure compliance with the daunting home improvement contract laws.