Won Appeal to Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board Resulting in Reversal of Finding of an Employment Relationship for Entire Category of Workers

Appealed Employment Development Department’s finding of an employment relationship between employer-client and an entirety category of its workers, which determination would have been detrimental to the client’s ability to operate. Tara crafted an innovative legal argument for her client, which resulted in a three judge panel of the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board unanimously deciding to reverse the findings of the EDD, determining that the workers were independent contractors and not employees.

Secured On-Air Corrective Action by a National Television Broadcast Company in Response to Infringement of Client’s Copyrights

Following infringement of client’s unregistered copyrighted works on-air during a nationally-televised broadcast, Tara quickly secured corrective action from the national television broadcast company in the form of an on-air promotion of client’s retail business during a special broadcast feature on holiday shopping.

Led Manufacturing Client through Voluntary Product Recall with United States Consumer Product Safety Commission

After learning of a potential defect in her client’s product, Tara counseled the client through the entirety of a months-long product recall process with the US Product Safety Commission and collaborated with the client on related business decisions, including public relations, operational concerns, and preventative measures to mitigate future risk.