As part of ND’s suite of cybersecurity and privacy offerings, we stand prepared to assist our clients with responding to any type of cyber incident – including ransomware and data breach situations.  Our attorneys are on call 24/7 to provide emergency guidance, as necessary.  Our toll-free number is 844-414-2333 and our dedicated data breach response email is

Services Offered

  • Immediate response to emergency cyber situation
  • Guidance throughout the response process
  • Engage with outside vendors and consultants – including technical forensic, public relations, credit monitoring and others
  • Work closely with law enforcement and appropriate regulatory bodies
  • Assist with triggering insurance coverage
  • Lead all necessary response events

Our Vision

We believe that in a crisis situation, a company’s leadership team needs assistance.  Our data breach response team is prepared to assist in all aspects of responding to any cyber incident – thereby alleviating the stress that befalls an organization during such an event.  Our dedicated team will “quarterback” the entire process, in close communication with our clients – to ensure that should the worst occur, all necessary actions are taken to lessen the impact and allow your company to get back to work.

Pre-Breach Services

In addition to responding to a cyberattack, we also provide a variety of pre-breach services, including:

  • Cyber insurance review and placement
  • Preparation of an Incident Response and Communications Plan
  • Table-top exercises to test your response capabilities
  • Development of appropriate policies and procedures to prepare your company
  • Employee training
  • Partnership with third-party technical consultants to ensure reasonable cybersecurity