Newmeyer Dillion’s Labor & Employment Team Fights on Behalf of California Employers

Nov 03, 2020 Firm News

Employers embroiled in labor and employment disputes, particularly in California, are facing an increasingly uphill battle in defending themselves against allegations from employees. In recent years, states have become more employee friendly, leading companies and their executives to feel defeated long before a claim proceeds to trial.

As the business community looks to navigate new and unprecedented developments in the coming months, Newmeyer Dillion understands what’s at stake. We’ve fought for clients at the frontlines of countless labor and employment battles and have the experience to help you overcome any dispute that comes your way.

With Michael Studenka at its helm, our Labor & Employment team saw a tremendous start to 2020 with two hard-fought victories. In less than 90 days, the team successfully defended two California employers facing allegations of wrongful termination from former employees.

Drawing on his unique approach to litigation and unmatched trial skills, Michael’s legal strategy focused on methodically building a case to prevail at trial. Michael’s trial-focused approach set his teams and his clients up for success from the beginning, carefully admitting evidence and asking the right questions to ultimately deliver a slashing cross-examination during arbitration. Michael’s teams secured two total defense awards in arbitration, protecting these clients from significant monetary and reputational damage. These wins proved once again that when Newmeyer Dillion steps into the courtroom, we are there to fight for our clients, not settle with opposing counsel.

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Newmeyer Dillion’s Labor & Employment team is available to help you navigate the next phase of these unprecedented times. Please reach out to Practice Group Head Michael Studenka to learn more.