Law School for Marketers: Decrypting the Complex World of Litigation to Become a More Valuable BD Resource

Nov 15, 2018
LMA Section Meeting
Orange County, CA

As a legal marketer, we tell our lawyers that creating loyal relationships with clients requires an in-depth understanding of their clients’ businesses, industries, and objectives. Similarly, it is also imperative that legal marketers understand the business of the clients they serve— the lawyers.


In addition to covering the basic nuts and bolts of litigation terminology, Gia Altreche partnered with CMO, Roin Gerard (Stradling) and Director of Business Development, Elsa Weiss (Hueston Hennigan) to examine how to build and launch a system to track newly filed litigation in courts across the country and secure litigation engagements from existing and prospective clients. By implementing the protocol this session details, you can help your firm seize new growth opportunities and become an indispensable resource to the lawyers and practices you support.