Federal Lending Violations

After our client faced a claim for alleged federal lending violations, our team succeeded at the trial court and then faced a challenge at the 9th Circuit.  Our team successfully navigated the process and preserved the win for the client.

Insurance – Additional Insured Endorsements

Newmeyer Dillion successfully worked with local counsel in another state to obtain an order overturning an unfavorable ruling on whether our client was an additional insured under a trade partner’s insurance policies. 

International Arbitration

Newmeyer Dillion’s client faced an international insurer that sought to force the client into a highly inconvenient forum overseas, in a fashion that would potentially leave the client facing the potential for inconsistent legal determinations between the arbitration and pending litigation involving another insurer.  After a win at the trial court, Newmeyer Dillion and its client prevailed on appeal, permitting the case to move forward in a consolidated fashion in California litigation. 

Right to Repair

Newmeyer Dillion has actively supported the building industry’s efforts to resolve homeowner claims through the Right to Repair law enacted by the California legislature.  As counsel for an amicus building industry association, Newmeyer Dillion has filed briefs in several matters to support and protect the right to repair, and participated in oral argument in the critical matter that resulted in an upholding of the builders’ position.

Appellate – Complex Business Litigation

Drafted multiple opposition briefs on appeal and in response to petition for writ of supersedeas, defending a default judgment obtained by the client.  Assisted in preparation of and presentation of oral argument to the Court of Appeal.  Obtained affirmance in favor of client, which had significant positive ramifications for client’s commercial dealings worldwide.

Appellate – Personal Injury / Medical Malpractice

Associated in as appellate counsel after client suffered adverse ruling on summary judgment.  Drafted opening and reply briefs, as well as supplemental brief requested by the Court of Appeal.  Argued the matter to the Court of Appeal.  Obtained reversal of the trial court’s ruling, in a published opinion.

Appellate – Real Estate Litigation

District court erroneously restricted scope of claims to be presented in arbitration proceedings.  Drafted principal briefs on appeal, and assisted in preparation for oral argument to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Obtained partial reversal of district court decision in favor of client.

Large Residential Home Builder

Newmeyer Dillion defended an appeal taken regarding certain plaintiffs’ failure to diligently prosecute their case, as they are required to do under California law.

Mitigating A Trial Disaster

Jim was contacted by a Marin County homeowner who had just lost a jury trial with former contractors and was facing a judgment in excess of $500,000.  Jim reviewed the trial records and identified three key areas that appeared to be viable grounds for appeal.  He filed the appeal, briefed and argued the case, and won on all three issue, reversing the judgment.

Aas v. Superior Court

California Supreme Court decision establishing the economic loss rule that there is no recovery in tort for defects that have not caused damage to property other than the product itself.