The Evolution of Telehealth

Aug 31, 2021 Published Article
HealthTech Hot Spot

One could have never imagined medical treatment over video calls but today it is a solid reality. In response to the pandemic, routine follow up and common medical checkups are done over conferencing technology, allowing a provider to pull patient medical records and guide a patient through their current symptoms, necessary medications, possible references to specialty care, or updating prescriptions. Telehealth has been used widely by providers to see COVID-19 positive patients and provide medical advice without the risk of in-person treatment. In the beginning of the pandemic, it was a necessity for the protection of healthcare workers, now it is a convenience both financially and practically even for non-COVID related care.

The concept of telehealth was inconceivable 2 years ago but has now evolved to the point of being a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. ND’s Savera K. Sandhu details the legal developments that made telehealth possible in her HealthTech HotSpot story.