Bad Faith Federal Jury Trial

Lead trial counsel in a several week long Federal jury trial against a major insurance company for bad faith denial of coverage.  Through the development and presentation of evidence revealing a bad faith scheme and plan by the carrier resulted in a favorable settlement reached to the benefit of the insured.

Pursuit of Rogue Employee for Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

Successfully pursued former high level employee of a large, international company who left and began to compete against our client relying on trade secrets and proprietary information.  Through formal and informal discovery techniques, was able to reveal a plot to unfairly compete against the client.  Compelled a settlement that saw the return of all trade secret information and payment of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the client in damages.

Recovery of Breach of Contract for Delinquent Subcontractor

Solo counsel in a 3 week arbitration with multiple percipient and expert witnesses pursuing an electrical subcontractor that was performing untimely, and defective work.  Recovered the total amount demanded to offset the costs of the supplementing subcontractor and all of his own fees in the litigation.  General contractor client collected all amounts to make them completely whole.

Successful Defense of Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Took over an age discrimination lawsuit against a major homebuilder and within 60 days, through his own informal discovery efforts and deposition was able to show that the plaintiff had engaged in various illegal activities to compel a settlement that required the client to pay nothing.

Successful Defense of Discrimination / Harassment Lawsuits

Defended a restaurant in several lawsuits arising out its kitchen personnel.  Single-handedly uncovered a plot amongst various former employees to defraud the employer through litigation, implicating even their counsel.  Litigation ended in “waiver of cost” deals for the employer for which they paid nothing.

Successful PAGA Defense

Handled defense of client with more than 500 employees in resolving PAGA complaints which alleged numerous Labor Code violations regarding minimum wage, overtime, rounding meal and rest breaks, expense reimbursements, and paystubs.

Client Triumphs in Insurance Bad Faith Lawsuits

We represented a large public company client in dozens of lawsuits initiated by a mammoth insurance company attempting to intimidate the client into walking away from significant insurance policy benefits. We were able to turn the tide on the insurance company by weaving together from the evidence a compelling story of a pattern and practice of bad faith claims handling conduct. Once the insurer realized that we were going to tell a compelling punitive damage story at trial, a favorable settlement was quickly reached.

General Contractor

Successfully resolved and achieved a downgraded citation brought by CalOSHA concerning a workplace accident.