Insurance Bad Faith

Represented a large public company client in dozens of lawsuits initiated by a mammoth insurance company who was attempting to intimidate the client into walking away from significant policy benefits.  We were able to turn the tide on the insurance company by weaving together from the evidence a compelling story of a pattern and practice of bad faith claims handling conduct.  Once the insurer realized that we were going to able to tell a compelling story at trial, and the risk of huge punitive damage award was real, a favorable settlement was reached.

Recovery of Policy Benefits

Insurance companies never volunteer policy benefits or search for coverage.  Instead, they write insurance policies that are confusing and obtuse and sit back and wait to see if the policyholder is willing to chase the benefits.  In order to maximize recovery of policy benefits, the policyholder needs to understand the policy terms, determine the full range of benefits to which it is entitled, make the claim, support the claim, argue the claim and effectively litigate the claim if necessary.  I have represented multiple clients in maximizing the insurance coverage to which they are entitled and recovered tens of millions of dollars that the clients never expected.

Insurance Litigation

Primary day-to-day supervision of an insurance coverage lawsuit involving a carrier’s duty to defend its in insured, a national builder, in over 70 underlying construction defect actions.  Resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement to the insured.

Insurance Litigation

Defended dozens of contentious lawsuits by a major insurance carrier seeking to shirk its obligation to defend its insured and/or to seek reimbursement for policy benefits already paid.  These actions ended favorably to the insured.